Remote Working During Coronavirus May Spur Permanent Change

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In a mere three months business has been upended and what we once perceived as the status quo has radically shifted.  Covid-19 has challenged workers to be productive and efficient while working remotely.  Some workers were already working remotely full-time or part-time, perhaps due to scheduling or geography; meanwhile others are embracing it for the first time.  While sometimes there is no substitute for face-to-face meetings, many times a lot can be accomplished with an organized approach to team meetings and use of teleconferencing and screen sharing applications.  Employees have been able to do away with the commute and be more efficient; but equally importantly, companies’ ability to expand outside of their immediate region by hiring remote workers could have lasting benefits.  Particularly in the Bay Area, tech companies after the crisis may find themselves hiring more workers outside of Silicon Valley for certain positions at more cost-effective wages and possibly with increased employee efficiencies.  Covid-19 may have accelerated a change in work patterns.

For “information workers” – such as those in tech and in the professions, including law – remote working should offer opportunities to retain a more flexible workforce, engage younger professionals, and achieve cost and time efficiencies, while still meeting clients’ demands.  Inspire Business Law Group, PC, has been on the leading edge of law firms in providing flexibility to its attorneys in how they work.  We have designed our processes around secure applications that can be used by our attorneys anywhere – whether working with clients, in an office, or remotely.  We also accommodate remote working schedules with our attorneys and staff, which we have found optimizes productivity and enables us to draw on top talent that is looking for this type of flexibility.  Inspire Business Law Group, PC looks forward to continuing to meet your needs with our remote team during this challenging time.